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RLPS Marches Ahead with Educomp Smart Classes

Rani Laxmi Bai Group of Public Schools, Jhansi, run by Dr. Pandit Vishwanath Sharma Hindu Charitable Trust switched on to the High Tech Audio Visual aided Smart Classes from Play Centre to class Twelfth, with Educomp. Now the classes will be provided with LCD/DLP screens and students will learn through subject material prepared by teachers, through computerized modules. Children will learn faster and avail quality education through animated and audio visual aids. Such environment will make teaching and learning a purposeful experience. The modules provide a vast assortment of learning packages, ranging from nursery rhymes and fables for kids to mathematical and scientific concepts, from moral education to applications of English Grammar. This teacher student friendly means of education will cater to the students of all age groups and reduce the burden of monotonious rote learning methods. The pictures and working models displayed on the screen will enable the students to grasp their respective subject quickly as well as easily. The smart classes have been designed keeping the manifold benefits of students in mind. Honourable Chairman Dr. (Pt.) Vishwanath Sharma had been the inspiring force behind the introduction of this new era of education which will continue to benefit the up coming generation of RLPians. The school is also equipped with a knowledge centre where the teachers can update their knowledge and plan their lessons well in advance to ensure effective learning. It’s a great opportunity for the teachers too, to explore their teaching abilities and train their pupils with enhanced confidence and information. The entire process will be directed by the main server in the knowledge centre through online servers connected in the Smart Class rooms. It’s the beginning of a venture where mind and machine will join hands to bring out, in every student, nothing but the best.


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