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Introduction & History
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Introduction & History

Objective of Trust in channeling its resources for promoting School / Professional Education

In order to reach the status of a developed nation, it becomes essential for a country to take care of the interests of its future generations, inculcation of values coupled with the knowledge of modern technology and know how. For the all-round development of our future generations, due importance should be given to education as well as all co-curricular activities.

The trust has substantially catered to the above-mentioned needs of our age and their tireless efforts are being well reached with. By establishing the group of public schools Rani Laxmibai Public School (Jhansi), Rani Laxmibai Public School (Datia) and Rani Laxmibai Public School (Lalitpur) the trust has shown its commitment to the cause of bettering education, and thus ensuring golden future for the generations to come.

The group of schools provide the most conducive atmosphere for education; effective teaching is imparted in all the subjects and Computer Education, in its totality is made available to the students. Students are coached and trained with the aid of the most modern facilities and amenities in the field of arts, games and sports.

One of the objective of the trust is to provide financial aid to meritorious students of the group of schools and various other schools which are not administered by the Trust, in order to secure a promising future for the country.
Since education is getting costlier day by day, therefore the Trust undertakes the task of providing financial assistance to the students belonging to the economically backward sections of the society by conducting screening test for the deserving candidates at all level, from primary to the higher, to both boys and girls.

Economically backward students are provided scholarships for gaining access to Engineering, Medical & Professional courses.

With the inspiration provided by the mentor and guide of the Rani Laxmibai Group of Public Schools, Dr. Pandit Vishwanath Sharma, an association of Ex- Students has been formed in order to provide financial help for their higher education. This facility is available to the registered members of association.

The Trust has become a veritable source of inspiration for the other institutions because of its aforementioned objectives and programs.

President's Message

Labore et virtue. The terms of our trust dictum, hard work and moral excellence,.......

Chairman's Message

Our earnest endeavour to project the vision and mission of our Trust in the areas of education, human service, culture and spirituality.....



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