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Introduction & History

Pt. Vishwanath Sharma Hindu Charitable Trust - An Introduction

Former President Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma being presented a copy of ‘Rasikpriya’, published by Dr. (Pt.) Vishwanath Sharma

IIndia has the oldest and richest heritage in the World. The recent excavations have proved beyond doubt that the Indus Valley Civilization was the oldest civilization of mankind. The unique and enviable Indian culture and traditions are actually derived from Hinduism which follows Sanatan Dharmah. India is the only country, which can boast about the rich and traditional spiritual strength. However, over the years due to many invasions on our country by outsiders, there has been an amalgamation of their culture with the true Indian culture. Furthermore, the recent trend of westernization has also resulted in the erosion of traditional Indian values to some extent. Today, preservation of the Indian culture and traditional values is the need of the hour. Non-Governmental organizations can immensely contributing towards this challenging cause.

Dr. (Pt.) Vishwanath Sharma in conversation with Shri Jaswant Singh, Ex-MInister for Finance as Ex-Prime MInister Shri A.B. Vajpayee watches on - at the prize distribution function of Vaidya (Pt.) Ram Narayan Sharma Research Trust

With this backdrop, Pt.Vishwanath Sharma Hindu Charitable Trust was established in 1984 by Dr. (Pt.) Vishwanath Sharma and his family with a noble aim to preserve& encourage the rich Indian culture & tradition and promote community welfare.

Since its inception, the Trust has been undertaking socio-economic development projects for downtrodden and implementing multiple welfare programmes for them in the field of education, culture and spirituality.

All the activities of the Trust are organized through self generated income and the voluntary donations / contributions of kind hearted persons. The Trust does not receive any grant or aid from the Government.

Objectives of the Trust

To spread the knowledge of Vedas, Shastras, Puranas, the Ramayana, the Gita, Kavyas and the Yogas among the people by organising Conferences, Seminars, Pravachans, Discourses etc.

To maintain and renovate the old temples, archaeological places and run museums and libraries.

To remove orthodox and conservative Karma Kandas, Upnayan, Shraadh etc.

To organise Fairs, Exhibitions, ‘Kirtans’, Pravachans, Discourses, Meetings, Conferences, Seminars etc. during festivity like Ramanavami, Janamasthami, Dushehra, Deepawali etc.

To provide and encourage dramas, classical music, classical dance forms and other allied creative fine arts.

To the establishment of Dharamshalas, rest houses, poor houses etc.

To open Schools, Colleges, Universities, Libraries, reading rooms etc. and popularize the knowledge of Sanskrit language.

To abolish dowry system and cash transactions in marriages.

To do all such acts, deeds and things as may be conducive to the further extension of any of the above objectives or incidental thereof.

President's Message

Labore et virtue. The terms of our trust dictum, hard work and moral excellence,.......

Chairman's Message

Our earnest endeavour to project the vision and mission of our Trust in the areas of education, human service, culture and spirituality.....



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