Nationwide £100 Payment 2024: Know ‘Fairer Share’ Payout Date & Eligibility

People are expecting to receive the Nationwide £100 Payment from the National Building Society as a part of financial support, which is just disclosed. The amount of payment £100 will be transferred into the bank accounts of eligible citizens between June 13 and June 28.

All citizens need to meet the eligibility requirements provided by the authorities to receive payment directly into their bank accounts. Additional information related to the program details. Payment dates and eligibility criteria are discussed below.

Nationwide £100 Payment 2024

The Nationwide Building Society has launched different programs to support its citizens with financial income and help in maintaining living standards. Recently, the Nationwide Building Society has launched another round of loyalty payments through its “Fairer Share Scheme. Under this scheme, all the eligible citizens will receive this one-time payment of Nationwide £100 Payment. This amount and benefit are decided as they received a 1 billion profit in the last tax year.

As we know, more than 3.9 million customers will be able to receive this benefit from the scheme with the complete payment of £100 into their bank accounts. To receive this payment, citizens need to be eligible, which includes having a freshly opened current account as of March 31, 2024.

Nationwide £100 Payment Date – Overview

OrganizationNationwide Building Society
Benefit TypeOne-off Payments
PaymentJune 2024
CategoryGovernment Aid

Nationwide £100 Payment 2024 Direct Deposit

Citizens who are interested and have qualified for the eligibility requirements for Nationwide’s £100 loyalty payment will receive direct deposits into their bank accounts. This payment will be directly deposited into your current accounts if you have one starting from June 13, 2024.

The Last date to receive the payment in any of your current accounts, if you have multiple, is June 28, 2024. Citizens’ current account statement will be shared with the payment as Nationwide Fairer Share Payment.

The citizens who have savings accounts with at least a minimum of £100 or mortgage Nationwide. In 2024, the nationwide £100 Payment is the second round of payment, and citizens have successfully received the first round of payment. This is the second time payment as promised by the authorities to help its citizens and share profits with them to cope with inflation rates.

Eligibility for Nationwide £100 Payment

The citizens who want to receive the benefits of the Nationwide £100 Payment Date program need to know about the eligibility requirements. These requirements are designed by the authorities to ensure that all citizens must strictly follow them and only deserve to receive the benefits of it.

  • Qualifying savings and current account
  • A qualifying mortgage and current account

What Qualifies A Current Account, Savings, and Mortgage

Many citizens need to know about the requirements for qualifying current accounts, saving accounts, and qualifying mortgages. All the information related to this qualifying is discussed below to help the citizens:

  • Qualifying current account is one if, in March 2024, you have made a minimum of one payment on your account or at least one withdrawal from it. Your account’s balance modifications, charges, and interests are not taken into account.
  • Qualifying for a savings account means at the end of March 2024; one must have a minimum of £100 in their personal savings account.
  • Qualifying for a mortgage means citizens’ nationwide residential mortgage balance must be a minimum of £100 on March 31, 2024.

Non-eligible Candidates for Nationwide £100 Payments

Citizens who satisfy the below conditions are considered as not eligible for the payment of Program Nationwide £100 Payment Date; conditions are as follows:

  • They didn’t have a qualifying account in March 2024.
  • If the eligible candidate passes away due to a reason, then it will automatically remove from there.
  • Indulge in fraud and illegal activities.
  • Citizens current account is closed due to any personal reason.
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