$1400 American Rescue Plan Stimulus Checks

Know Eligibility & Payment Dates

The US government rolled out $1400 stimulus checks in 2024 to support residents financially.

The government of the United States kicked off this plan back in 2021, during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To qualify for the benefit, individuals must meet the American Rescue Plan requirements.

The US government launched the American Rescue Plan 2024 to boost the economy by providing financial aid to taxpayers.

Late 2020 tax filers can still get $1400 from the American Rescue Plan if filed by May 17, 2024, per IRS.

US individuals with incomes under $75,000 who filed taxes can receive stimulus checks at the year's start.

In 2024, married US taxpayers earning under $150,000 yearly will start receiving stimulus checks.

Because of the American Rescue Plan, unmarried individuals without children saw their benefit increase from $543 to $1502.

For more information regarding the $1400 American Rescue Plan Stimulus Checks, visit the official website https://www.irs.gov/.